Family Law
Texas family law has evolved swiftly over the last decade.   You need a lawyer that keeps
current with these changes and can advise you properly toward obtaining your legal
goals.  James D. Roark has been representing clients in family courts for 19 years.  
Contact him now to determine what rights you may have regarding:
                        Marital property issues
•        Keeping your separate property separate from
the marital estate before,  during, and after your
•        The types of marital property that can be
divided upon divorce
•        The kinds of debts that can be divided upon
•        Preventing the transfer of assets and  
unnecessary spending while the divorce is pending
•        Handling creditors while the divorce is pending
and preserving your credit history
•        Determining if you or your spouse may qualify
for more than an equal division of the marital estate
•        Discovering suspected or previously unknown
assets and liabilities
              Parent-child issues
•        Establishing or denying paternity
•        Fair and reasonable child support
•        Custody determination
•        Alimony or spousal maintenance
•        Geographical restrictions on where your children reside
•        CPS actions or allegations of child abuse or neglect
•        Attorney General actions
•        Grandparent/step-parent’s rights
•        Terminating parental rights
•        Enforcing orders for child support, custody, and visitation
•        Modifying orders for child support, custody, and visitation        
                             Other issues
•        Unlocated spouses        •        Adoptions
•        Domestic violence         
•        Name changes    
Often, husbands and wives recognize their need to end the
marriage come to agreeable terms on how to do just that.  
Typically, just one of the spouses will retain a lawyer  to
prepare and file documents according their agreement.  If the
non-client spouse signs the documents, there will be no need
for any further involvement from that spouse or another
attorney.  The client spouse will later appear in court (yes, the
client spouse must make one appearance) with their lawyer to
briefly testify in front of the judge.  Attorney James Roark has
obtained hundreds of these types of divorces for his clients for
reasonable and modest fees.  If you live in the Greater
Houston area,
contact him and find out what he can do for you.
 If you live elsewhere in Texas, check out the information on
his Texas Divorce Kit!
Have more time than money?  This may be the solution for those seeking
a divorce and unable to afford the services of a qualified lawyer to handle
it. Go
HERE  to find out more.
It may have been several years since you last had contact with your
spouse and you do not know where they are or how to find them.  In
such cases, we can file what is known as a divorce by publication.  
Many people are slightly familiar with this process but are unaware of
what the courts are going to require.  You will be required to detail
every effort you have made to locate your spouse (under oath).  The
court may choose to appoint an attorney for the missing person to
locate them.  Guess who pays for that?  Yes, you.  If children are
involved, an attorney may be appointed to represent them, and if
property is also involved, there is a possibility that two attorneys
could be appointed.  But if neither children or property are at issue,
we can request that the court make no such appointments, provided
the court is convinced that a good effort has been made to locate the
missing spouse.